Life path of yangWao

Investment Thesis

# Investment Thesis

I've realized that after while being in various ecosystems, I can finally give back, drive founders visions through angel checks, being LP, give helpful insights &c, where I can be value add and show you some tricks and hacks, to grow your product.

I've started slowly gaining exposure in next-gen industries, this is just concept list, where I want to have my positions in future and it may change overtime. In no particular order.

My prefered interests are in

  • Psyfin - I believe psychadelic finance will have transformative effect on wellbeings, on widespread scope.
  • Microbiome - I'm personally biohacker and read a tons of research papers on gut-brain axis and I believe that helping either through "hardware" or software to give someone strong feedback loop on their metablism perfomance, one can change into better person.
  • FMT - I believe FMT can cure various diseases.
  • Longevity - In general, I believe in slowing aging, stopping aging and reverse aging. Anything along this tunes, I'm interested to peak on your deck
  • Wellbeing in general - I guess there will be tons of various products who can help one to feel great, through habits & routine building, supplements, performing workouts, inner mental space building.
  • RemoteFirst stack - I'm already exposed and backin some premium talents at pre-seed & seed stages and love to learn more if you are looking for expanding a bit.
  • Genomics/SynBio - I guess it's quite early for me, but happy to chat on this page.
  • Space - We are all gonna make it there, so why not make highway faster? Ping me if you have something on this.
  • Crypto - I'm bit overexposed here, but I guess I can enter another rocketship, if you are building one!
  • Blockchain Gaming - I'm bit bullish, what can various turn-based gmames, MMORPG concepts from 90s can bring on table leveraging nowadays tech with right incentive structure
  • Metaverse - I believe that various super-immersive experiences with shared objects, might be "game-changer" for legacy industries.
  • Knowledge economy - Picks and shovels works here (RoamResearch, Obsidian, Meta, Xanadu, Kanopi, &c)

Mostly, I'm looking to back you in crypto-native way, if possible. Otherway around, AngelList works as well.