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This is supposed to be summary of my (digital) wellbeing πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ.

Zoom in, you will see chaos.

Zoom out, you will start seeing system.

Vice versa, rinse and repeat.

  • I'm constantly exploring possibilities and looking for changes in (knowledge) graph(s).
  • Constantly I'm trying to cultivate one-self, meditate and staying in touch with the harmonies of the cosmos to drive my inner freedom.
  • Being soft and gentle will teach you a lesson in every spectrum of your life.
  • I'm trying to remove my false knowledge which might weights me like execssive boundaries, supersittions and prejudices.

I've learned

  • That the true and highest knowledge is to know that one does not and cannot know everything. It is to understand the limitations of words and the range of human comprehension.
  • To accept that not-knowing and treat it as a gift.
  • Knowing what I don't know is wisdom.
  • Concept of Wuweiopen in new window, which involves way to learn the value of stillnes by observing the natural world.
  • Non-contending as a strategic Non-Action and I can beautifully observe it in how water behaves.

Staying still and patient, water can conquer anything and benefit a myriad of other things. It's never in a competition, it never strives to ge to the top, glad to flow beneath plants and soil and giving them life. Water brings moisture to every place, learned to treat everyone as equals, whenever a friend or a stranger.

  • Ready to give and expect nothing in return.
  • Being empty vessel containing everything and nothing simultaneously.
  • To believe in the cyclical nature of things, sundown must always follow sunrise, success must follow failure and vice versa.
  • Things to let go.

To understand others is wisdom; to know self is illumination. To vanquish others requires force; to vanquish self requires strength.

  • Summarize all above and internalize, are essentials of main treasures of Taoism. Non-Action, Wordlessness and Non-contending. That's how I've learned fight chaos of life and find quiet harmony amidst it.

β€œTo a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” -- Lao-Tzu


Inspiration for this resume is from

Random awww

  • I like πŸ™ meditations & Zen πŸ•‰οΈ ☸️Buddhism & Taoism ☯️
  • One day I will live off-the-grid where autonomous cars and eVTOLs would be absolutely normal.
  • Seven updates left of this website till we hit AGI
  • Hopefully I'll try next time Rust static site generator

If it's not updated for longer period, either I'm

  • πŸ•Ί Living (family) life
  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Busy
  • 🚨 Burned out
  • ⚰️ Dead
  • 🧠 Transcendent


As (FullStack) Developer I learned

Being able to design, prototype, code, πŸ’… polish, build, deploy and scale. I keep my mind calm, when there is known scenario ahead including antifragilityopen in new window. I feel myself comfortable on position of Developer Advocateopen in new window, Frontend/Backend engineer and UX advocate.

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